Monday, December 7, 2009

Top 5 Worst Album Covers Ever

#5 Devastatin' Dave

Oh 80's Rap, How could we ever forget you? Strangely enough this is not far off from Kanye West's fashion sense. I only wonder if anyone recognizes him at the local high school were he is now a janitor. I guess now he is just Devastated Dave.

#4 The Faith Tones

At first I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw this one. Of course after a quick Google I realized that the Astroglide part was a clever touch by some Photoshopper. Regardless, this still stands as an awful album cover. "Jesus Use Me"???? What a ridiculous title. Trust me, just like every other man on the planet, Jesus wants nothing to do with you three.

#3 Tino

I wonder if the phrase "Twink" was around when this album came out. Perhaps "Twink" became slang as soon as this record dropped. Or maybe this album is the inspiration for every creepy underage looking American Appeal ad. Either way its just creepy. I bet it's on heavy rotation in every record player of grown men that love small boys.

#2 Chicken Coupe De Ville

Featuring smash hits? Who are you kidding? If by smash hits you mean someone other than your Grandpappy Earl Bucky Jr. has heard the song, than yes I believe you have a hit song. But if you use the Billboard charts to define smash hit, than no, no hits here. I do however want to hear the track "I Seen Her First". I imagine its a poetic love song about calling dibs on your cousin.

#1 Millie Jackson

I hope whoever came up with this album concept was instantly fired. Who thought it was a good idea to get Millie on the can squeezing one out? As if that wasn't a bad enough idea, they had to up the ante by making it look like the biggest crap of her life. Look at her face. She is doing everything in her power to get those bowels moving. It's so bad she needed to take off a shoe just to get something to squeeze on.


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  1. I laugh every time I see that album cover of Millie pushing one out :)