Monday, November 2, 2009

What Moron Came Up With This 1994 Commercial

So let me get this straight........Your company name is Mr. Brains and no one, not even a single employee had the brains not to name your meat balls Faggots? Seriously, nobody thought this was an awful idea? I know it was 1994, but still after all the hands this product went through, with all the money companies spend on focus groups and marketing, no one stood up and said "maybe Faggots is not the best name for our product?" Imagine the combined salaries of all the executives at Mr. Brains who somehow completely dropped the ball on this one. Or maybe they just thought it was a funny name for their meatballs. I wonder if these meatballs are just as tasteless as they are?



  1. um, faggot is a traditional food in the UK, since the 1800s. So, yeah it's more SERIOUSLY WTF WORDS MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS IN DIFFERENT CULTURES HOW IS THIS!?

  2. When I learned about the meatball the WTF for me was how absent the reference was from American dictionaries or in common knowledge. On the schoolyard we all knew that in the UK a fag is a cigarette, but meatball never came up. Would have saved us a lot of headache.