Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 5 Worst Parents

Sorry everyone it has been a while since I've posted so I'll try and make it up to you with a top 5 list. This time its the top 5 worst parents.

#5 Get Daddy A Beer

So dad is too lazy to get himself a beer so he fetches his young son to go get one for him. Oh wait, daddy is also too lazy and/or drunk to consume the beer so it's no problem to have his son pour it into his mouth. NO WAIT THAT IS A PROBLEM. A BIG PROBLEM.

What the hell is wrong with you sir?

Speaking of hell, the icing on the cake is the cross hanging from the tyke's neck. I am sure this family has the highest respect at their local church!

#4 White Trash Babysitter

Got a hot date for the demolition derby? Taking the wifey out for an anniversary dinner to the monster truck rally? Brooks and Dunn in town? But oh no, the babysitter has been busted for smoking Meth again.

No worries. Just slap some duct tape over your little ones and they can't get into any mischief while you "go at it" in the back of your F-150. Just be sure you tape up their favorite stuffed animal beside them. You don't want that kid to cry. That would just make you awful parents!

#3 The MILF

They say if you got it, flaunt it. However, I don't believe the saying is true in front of your children. Yeah mom you may be hot, but your kid doesn't need to check out your butt in your sexiest pair of undies!

Also why do you not own any furniture other than a bed in your house? I guess this photo makes more sense if this is in fact a crack house or if mommy turns tricks for a living.

If this isn't traumatizing enough for the kid, just wait a few more years when he's destroyed because all his high school friends have banged his mom.

#2 Baby Stag

Look if you couldn't get a babysitter for your buddies stag party, maybe you should have invested in some duct tape and got yourself the ol' white trash babysitter.

The best is the woman in red in the back who is frowning on a girl earning her way through college by covering her breasts in whipped cream. Maybe she should focus her glare where it belongs......On the guy who brought a baby to watch strippers.

#1 The Marlboro Baby

Are babies faces usually this red or is it from drinking that tall boy in his hand? Since the kid is still in diapers, I imagine the logic is he might not be old enough to poop, but he's old enough for beers and smokes.

I believe this is what you call a white trash Bar Mitzvah! Your boy is now officially a man.


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  1. In bad parent #2 that is not whipped cream. It's actually some sort of liquer. Dude is gettign ready to do a body shot of tequlia off the girls tit.