Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 5 WORST Halloween Costumes

#5 Fat Venom

Should Spiderman still fear his nemesis Venom? Probably not, unless of course this is the result of Venom eating Spiderman.

Special note here people, one size fits all spandex Lycra........Not the most flattering of materials for a Halloween costume.

#4 Naked Spiderman

Of course Fat venom seems like the perfect nemesis for none other than NAKED SPIDERMAN! If you feel that spandex is just too much clothing and doesn't hug your bodies shape, why not just paint on your super hero costume? Is that spidey's spider sense tingling or is it just his balls freezing in the unforgiving Halloween wind?

Somebody out there sure is proud of their dad!

#3 Naked Family

Wow this won't be traumatizing for the children posing with their family here. Seriously, did no one see a problem with this family's costume choice? Was child services called, cause I'm sure they've been called for less. I just pray that this family doesn't parlay this photo into their Christmas cards. Oh grandma would be so proud!

#2 Lil' Terrorist

Awww children. So fragile and so innocent, until you strap a fake bomb and a shit eating grin on them. This can also be put onto a list of top 10 ways to get your child expelled from school.

There really is nothing I can say that you are not already thinking. For shame!

And the #1 Worst Halloween Costume Lil' Hitler

When a consenting adult wears a Hitler costume its politically incorrect, but when a child who doesn't know any better does it, its just plain wrong. Parents of Lil' Hitler have you lost your ever loving minds? If you want to ruin your childs life just tell them there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. Do not and I repeat, do not dress them up like a man who is single handedly responsible for the deaths of 50-70 million people!



  1. What about the little girl grabbing her dad's wiener. That's just disturbing.

    1. Yeah, I saw that too.. what's wrong with these people........ she thinks it's a toy bird..

    2. oh my f-ing god. lil hitler. HAHAHA. seriously... is that child abuse?????